Hai I'm Miaa :) 19 years old this year. Already taken by Mohamad Amirul Bin Ismail ♥ Diploma in Office Management and Technology-UiTM.

Friday, 20 May 2011

on the phone with him:

me: baby, baby *crying loudly
me: baby.?
him: ehmm ape.?
me: mia sayang awak b. *crying crying crying.
him: aku tgh keja ni.
me: mia sayang awak b. syg sgt-sgt.
him: k.
me: still cying :(
him: org sayang baby jugak. *letak phone.

k lega je dga.

A few times. Call lagy.

me: baby.?
him: aku tgh keja ni. jgn kacau boleh.?
me: mia sayang awak. *crying
him: BODOH lah, aku tgh keja ni. *mati kan phone.

me crying loudly like crazy :( nd feel mcm nak pitam.